It's Raining Orks
Wilson Suanders

"Its Raining Orks" was created with Visual C++ and the allegro game development library. It lets the player command an island defense battery against wave after wave of orkish paratroopers.

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Screen Shots:


Graphics Sounds Game Play
* Four types of airplanes
* Animated ork sprites
* Bombs
* Flack cannons
* Machine gun nests
* Mine fields
* Smoke
* Ten different cross hairs
* Interactive menus
* Tracers, Shells, Shrapnel, and Giblets
* Stereo Sound
* Voice prompting
* Four midi tracks

* Mouse and keyboard interface
* Explosive cannon shells
* Armor piercing cannon shells
* Deployable items
* Dynamic difficulty level, based on players performance and time
* Falling Planes and Plane Shrapnel do damage
* Machine Guns overheat and jam from constant use
* Persistent plane damage (if a plane escapes
    it will not get repaired before coming back)

License: It is free ware so download it and pass it on. If you pay anything for this you have payed too much.
Download It's Raining Orks
Download Source Code